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We supply a variety of the latest strains as well as classic genetic lines from around the world. First to bring them to you at affordable prices.

We save you the hassle and expense of buying seeds abroad. With us you can avoid paying international prices, shipping fees and customs duties. There’s no delays in receiving the goods either. We deliver in 2-3 days from as little as R59.

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First 1 Seeds offers a variety of feminized and regular strains for both professional and novice growers.


Select your strain according to its terpenoid breakdown as well as THC and CBD percentages. Choose the seed stock that suits your requirements.


We stock some of the latest strains from international breeders. Ships anywhere in South Africa in 2-3 days.


When you begin with great genetics you get great results. First 1 Seeds are suitable for sowing indoors and outdoors.

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Follow our blog posts and learn the basics of cannabis cultivation.

Learn how to;

  • Germinate seeds successfully
  • Grow plants indoors and outdoors
  • Boost flowering plants
  • Harvest bigger yields
  • Cure and store cannabis buds

How to Germinate Seeds in Jiffy Pellets

  1. Place 1 seed per Jiffy Pellet
  2. Keep moist and warm
  3. Wait 5-7 days

How to Germinate Seeds in Trays

  1. Use Professional Germination Mix
  2. Plant 1cm deep in seedling trays
  3. Keep moist and warm
  4. Wait 5-7 days

What’s the difference between Feminized and Regular Seeds?

  • Regular seeds will grow into either male or female plants.
  • Feminized seeds will grow into female plants.